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MP3 "Summit On-The-Go" for Only $47: Too busy to sit down and watch the interviews? Download the interviews to your phone and listen while you keep going with your busy life!

Here's What You Get:
  26 Experts Interviews ($3,900 value)
  26 Experts Bonus Interviews ($2,500 value)
  Digital Copy of Transcripts ($99 value)
  Self-Defense 30 minutes Complimentary Consultation with Art Mason ($80 value)
  Trauma-Healing Complimentary Consultation with Nicole Harvey ($80 value)
  Online Child Safety Guide by Sean Stark   ($14.97 value)
  Member's Only Facebook Group ($97 value)
  Secret Bonuses from the Speaker ($500 value)
  BONUS for First 25 People: Gift of Fear (best-seller book) by Gavin de Becker ($7.99 value)
  BONUS for First 25 People: Portable Safety Alarm ($5.99 value)
Total Value: $7,284.95
You save $7,137.95 (98% discount)
You Pay Only $147
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